African Island Escapes


Made famous by the movies created in its name, this expansive island country is home to some of the world’s most unique, charismatic and incredible wildlife.

Aside from the animals Madagascar has incredible landscapes and beaches with very diverse ecological biomes.

Visit the finest hidden gems of Madagascar and experience beauty, rawness and splendour like never before.


The volcanic island of Mauritius is almost entirely framed by coral reefs and crystal clear blue seas. It is famed for its white sand beaches, great diving, snorkelling and deep sea fishing.

The island has a growing economy and is an investment hub.

It has a diverse and vibrant mix of cultures with people mainly speaking English, French or Creole. Séga dancing is the island’s traditional dance and visitors are readily encouraged to join in.


The Seychelles group of islands offer up some of the most spectacular beach destinations in the world. The pristine waters and magnificent array of flora and fauna compliment the unique topography of this special island archipelago. The Seychelles islands deserve to be explored, for around every corner there are hidden treasures. The country’s friendly inhabitants have a rich history and culture that help make this a truly wonderful destination to visit.

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